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Surf Your Way To Victory

Title: Subway Surfers

Developer: Kiloo

Category: Game

Platform: iOS

The Good: The game is fun and engaging with bright colors, new themes, and endless replayablity.

The Bad: The game can be cluttered and somewhat visually distracting.

The Bottom Line: This is a great game for passing time assuming you have a good amount of vision and quick reflexes.

Accessibility Rating: ★★★

Overall Rating: ★★★★

Date Reviewed: Sunday February 22, 2015

Subway Surfers by Kiloo is a fast paced endless runner game. Like many endless runners before it, your objective is to dodge obstacles and pick up power ups as the game continues to increase speed. Your character uses moving subway trains to travel through a variety of obsacle cources that include jumping, dodging, sliding, and gathering power ups. The main appeal of this particular game is the constant changing themes. Kiloo is currently theming the game to represent a variety of cities throughout the world. It’s a really interesting way to travel and go on a virtual journey. In additon to the normal power ups which include the jetpack, the super sneaker, the magnent, and the score doubling star, the themes add in more power ups and prizes to collect. It’s a nice touch and it adds to the replayability of the game. Other notible things that add to the experience are the abilities to upgrade your power ups, purchase new characters, and collect mystery boxes. The mystery boxes contain coins, power ups, and character tokens. The character tokens are used to unlock new characters that can be used for scorebosters on specific days. Because you most characters require a very larger number of tokens (usually starting at 250), the player will need to play for a long time before unlocking new characters. The game is great at having you come back for more with daily challeneges, new unlockables weekly, and consitent updates to themes and contents.

Now on to the accessibility aspect of the game. Let’s state the obvious here: it’s not for totally or severly blind people. There is no VoiceOver support, and even if there was it would be no way the player would be able to keep up with the increasing speed of the game. There is also the problem of VoiceOver gestures conflicting with the native gestures of the game. VoiceOver is completely disabled once you launch Subway Sufers. In terms of people with limited vision, they may experience some difficulty. The bright colors will either be a great thing or a painful experience depending on your visual level. There is some contrast, but not a great deal of it is on the actual course. It’s mostly found in the menus on and on the main screen. The menus are pretty easy to read, but reading something while playing through the course is basiaclly impossible. Being able to distinguish power ups is fairly easy, however it’s extreamly difficult to see what’s immediately behind the powerups. For example, when there is a short barrier right after a power up I found myself running into it every single time. I’m not sure if this is just bad design or it was put there intentionally. Also, collecting coins while riding on the jetpack proved to be difficult as well. Overall I would say this game is moderately accessible. Offering things like difficulty selection and high contrast mode would make the game more fun for players with poorer vision.

Eryn Rochelle

Eryn Rochelle

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