I’m Eryn Rochelle!

Some would say describing yourself is the most difficult task in the world. I would agree with those people for the most part, however I will make a valiant attempt anyways. 

I am a very creative and spontaneous person. I love technology, crafting, writing, music, and shopping. Pretty typical hobbies huh? Well let’s be a little more specific. While I appreciate all innovative technology, I’m definitely an Apple fangirl. Now before you start to throw things at me, hear me out! Apple isn’t a perfect company, but there is one thing they do much better than everyone else: accessibility. If you don’t have a disability you probably have no idea what that is. Basically it makes the phone easier to use for people who have some special needs. If you’re reading this section it’s very likely that you don’t know much about me. I’m visually impaired. It’s one of the many things that make me unique. It’s why I’m an Apple fangirl. In edition to my love for technology I also love crafting. I’m always up for new projects, but mostly I crochet, do paper crafting, and repurpose objects for my room. I started getting into crafting because I would often find myself in situations where I needed a creative solution for a vision related problem. 

Like most creative people I kept a journal when I was younger. I still journal now, but not nearly as frequently as I used to. All that journaling as a kid led me to my major in college: English. I’m great at editing and revision, so going with a literary based English degree seemed to be a natural fit for me. I graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington in December of 2014 and it has by far been the greatest accomplishment of my young life. 

I spend my time these days working on my next degree: Visual Communications. It’s a fancy way of saying Graphic Design. I really enjoy my classes, and I’ve gotten a chance to working on some pretty cool projects which can be seen on my portfolio page. In addition to school, I’m still working on a ton of freelance and volunteer work.

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