Local Union Presidential Campaign

Client’s Goal:

The primary objective for Cheryl’s campaign was to create a cohesive and engaging suite of promotional materials aimed at maximizing visibility and support for her run as local union president. The goal was to craft a compelling narrative through visually appealing design elements that resonate with the union membership, encouraging them to vote and become advocates for the campaign.

Contribution to the Project:

As a graphic design and social media freelancer, my contribution spanned several critical areas:

  1. Designing a series of flyers with a consistent theme that highlighted Cheryl’s key messages and platform points, ensuring they were attention-grabbing and informative.
  2. Crafting a persuasive and memorable speech that aligned with the visual campaign and articulated Cheryl’s vision for the union.
  3. Producing social media videos that were optimized for engagement, leveraging the power of storytelling to connect with the audience emotionally.
  4. Developing a user-friendly campaign website that served as the digital hub for all information related to Cheryl’s candidacy, ensuring it was optimized for SEO to increase visibility.

Project’s Success:

The campaign materials created were instrumental in building a strong brand presence for Cheryl, resulting in heightened engagement across all platforms. The flyers generated buzz within the local community, the speech received accolades for its sincerity and clarity, the social media videos saw a significant increase in shares and likes, leading to greater digital word-of-mouth, and the campaign website experienced high traffic, with a low bounce rate and substantial time spent on pages, indicating a high level of interest and engagement from visitors.