Visual Breakdown

Client’s Goal:

The project aimed to design a comparative visual presentation that underscored the advantages of using PayPal over traditional debit cards for online transactions. The client aimed to educate and persuade their audience to choose PayPal as a safer and more convenient payment option.

Contribution to the Project:

As a graphic designer and social media freelancer, I contributed to the project by creating a clear, visually engaging infographic that juxtaposed the features of PayPal with those of debit cards. I ensured the content was presented in a user-friendly format, highlighting key points that are easy to read and understand. My work involved selecting color schemes that enhanced readability and reinforced brand identity, organizing information for logical flow, and designing icons and elements that supported the textual content.

Project’s Success Summary:

The project was successfully delivered and met the client’s expectations for a compelling visual tool that could be used across various online platforms. The infographic effectively conveyed the message, increasing user engagement and a positive reception from the target audience. As a result, the client reported a noticeable uptick in adopting PayPal as the preferred payment method following the circulation of the designed material.

Presentation Slides