Kittl: A Comprehensive Graphic Design Tool for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

Kittl is a groundbreaking graphic design platform offering intuitive, AI-powered tools suitable for both professionals and novices. Its extensive template library, diverse typography options, and advanced mockup capabilities streamline design processes. Ideal for graphic designers and small business owners, Kittl enhances creativity, efficiency, and collaboration in branding and design projects. Its user-friendly interface, combined with a supportive community, makes professional graphic design accessible and simplifies visual branding, making it a versatile tool in the design industry.

List Glyphs In Font Web App

This is an online tool for listing the character map of a font. It supports various font types, including TrueType, OpenType, and WOFF. Users can open a local font file either by using the Ctrl-O keyboard shortcut or by dragging and dropping the font file into the designated area on the webpage. This tool is […]

Top 10 Apps For Designers & Creative Professionals

As creative professionals, we use our phones and tablets to run our businesses, keep track of our goals and propel our futures. There are so many apps available, but which ones are worth your time? Today we’ll be looking at some of the apps that I use regularly to make my life easier and take my business to new heights. I’ll provide some information on the included features, how I’m using the app and how it ranks from an accessibility perspective.