Transform Your Design Process with the Latest Figma Plugin

My Journey with the Latest Figma Plugin I’ve recently had the wonderful opportunity to play around with the newest Figma plugin. This handy tool has truly transformed my design process, particularly when it comes to generating images. Take it from me, it’s not just tailored for AI-experts, it’s exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive for anyone. Creating […]

Customize and Enhance Your iPhone Lock Screen: Tips for a Personalized and Efficient User Experience

Customize and Enhance Your iPhone Lock Screen: Tips for a Personalized and Efficient User Experience Featured Image

Customize and optimize your iPhone lock screen for a visually appealing and efficient user experience. Choose a clock style that matches your aesthetic. Personalize notifications and information widgets to display relevant information. Customize ringtones, vibrations, and call settings for individual contacts. Create home screen shortcuts for frequently used apps and enable home screen search for easy app access.

Elevate Your iPhone Lock Screen with Unique Clock Styles

Elevate Your iPhone Lock Screen with Unique Clock Styles Featured Image

Customizing the clock style on your iPhone lock screen can elevate your overall user experience. You can choose from various clock styles in the Settings app or explore third-party clock apps for unique designs. Additionally, you can create your own custom clock design to make your lock screen truly your own.

Customize your iPhone Lock Screen with Widgets and Personalization Options

Personalize your iPhone lock screen with custom widgets, clock styles, and other personalization options. Add functionality and convenience with widgets, choose from various clock styles, and customize phone calls, sounds, and vibrations. Design custom widgets and icons, utilize shortcuts, and utilize the App Library for a more organized experience. Transform your lock screen into a visual masterpiece.

Customize your iPhone Lock Screen with Widgets and Personalization Options

With iOS 14, users can personalize their iPhone’s home screen with widgets, custom icons, and shortcuts for a visually stunning and personalized experience. The article highlights various ways to transform the home screen, such as adding widgets, changing clock styles, creating custom widgets and icons, and utilizing shortcuts. The App Library is also mentioned as a significant addition to iOS 14.

New Icons Added To The Shared Folder

I’ve added over 50 new icons to the updated icon packs. The new icons are already available in the Dropbox folder. If already purchased one of the new icon packs you already have access to the new additions. If you haven’t purchased the new icon packs you can purchase them from my Etsy Shop.

How To Use Digital Download Posters

Digital downloads offer the flexibility to print a design or artwork multiple times on multiple mediums. Digital products come in the form of posters, cut files, design packs, templates, icons and much more. For this tutorial, we’ll focus on printable posters. I offer a collection of posters on my Etsy Shop that can be printed at home, or a professional printshop. This process is pretty standard, so you can apply these methods to most digital downloads you acquire online.

How To Use iOS Icon Packs To Customize Your Home Screen

To commiserate your iOS device, you’ll need a few assets. You can go really crazy with customization, but the first things you’ll want are some custom wallpaper and icons. I have a variety of icon sets on my Etsy shop if you don’t already have a set downloaded. I also have a collection of wallpapers included in the icon packs, as well as some free wallpapers here on the site.

Top 10 Apps For Designers & Creative Professionals

As creative professionals, we use our phones and tablets to run our businesses, keep track of our goals and propel our futures. There are so many apps available, but which ones are worth your time? Today we’ll be looking at some of the apps that I use regularly to make my life easier and take my business to new heights. I’ll provide some information on the included features, how I’m using the app and how it ranks from an accessibility perspective.

How To Set Up An iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The Ultimate Guide To Take You From Hello To Home Screen Hello Friends, and welcome to your new iOS or iPadOS device! Today, we’ll be going over how to get your device set up. If it’s your first Apple device, welcome to the club! We’re thrilled to have you on board. I know it can […]